Our New bedroom featuring UO Home

After finding out the house we live in was going to be sold, the search for the perfect new place was under way. I like to do LOTS of research and I kiiiind of went into an obsessive frenzy in finding the right place.

In searching, I found the best options on Craigslist, which ultimately led us to finding our 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment. We honestly couldn’t tell what it looked like from the one photo that was posted on Craigslist and when we visited, the entire floor was ripped out and equipment was EVERYWHERE! They were in the middle of replacing the old carpet with new wood floors so things looked very hectic. After some consideration, we saw so much potential with the vaulted exposed ceilings, built in cabinets, bright light, and the mid century vibe and we decided (thankfully) to give it a go.

Take a peek into the inspiration that fed into the design of our sweet space and peep tons of sweet goodies from UO Home.

Color Inspiration


Interiors Inspiration

For the bedroom, I was so excited to incorporate the sweet items I received from Urban Outfitters! It was really important to me to maintain a neutral toned bedroom, especially since the room gets so much golden light. I also was convinced I had to purchase a sun catcher! I haven’t had a bedroom with so much light and I knew I just had to have something that played with the sun! I also found the sweetest shape study print from a local artist, Sueko Sage.

Shop the space!

Really excited to continue to decorate the space and make it our own! Our next room design will feature our living room and office, which will hopefully we spruced up with a sweet mid century desk!

Stay tuned! x Dani